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O-Shot for Women

Many women, even in a time when discussing sexuality has become more open, can still be reluctant to bring up these issues with their doctors. Decreased sexual pleasure for a woman can stem from poor lubrication, pain with intercourse, the vaginal canal being too loose (less sensation) or too tight (discomfort), and difficulty in achieving an orgasm. A low sex drive can also occur alongside these physical issues. The benefits of the O-Shot have evolved to address aesthetic concerns, sexual wellness/dysfunction, overactive bladder, and urinary incontinence. How does the O-Shot work? The growth factors and proteins released by the high concentration of platelets stimulate cellular repair and regeneration wherever they are applied in the body.

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Benefits from the O-Shot

While everyone will experience different results to a degree, here are the most commonly reported results:

  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • A tighter vaginal opening
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasm
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)