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Body Sculpting

Body sculpting offers you the opportunity to enhance parts of your body, or to restore your body to a more healthy and attractive state. Fat transfer involves liposuction techniques to remove fat cells from one or more "donor" areas of the body before purifying the harvested fat and injecting it into an area of the body that requires enhancement. Fat transfer offers dual benefits: sculpting the donor area and augmenting the treatment area. Taking advantage of body sculpting can help you improve your self-confidence and give you a better body image. 

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What Can I Expect?

Although some of the aesthetic results of surgery are visible immediately after the procedure, it generally takes three to six months to see the full results, especially for patients who have had a substantial amount of fat grafted. The duration of the recovery period varies by patient. This depends on how much fat has been removed and transferred and which areas of the body have been treated. If you're considering body sculpting, call us today and set up a consultation.