PRP “Vampire” Facelift FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about PRP “Vampire” Facelifts

At BKC Regenerative Medicine in the Columbus, OH area, we are proud to offer our patients the incredible PRP Facelift procedure, for younger, smoother skin. This treatment was made famous on social media by certain celebrities who call it by the cheeky nickname: the “Vampire Facelift.”

The PRP facelift is a non-surgical and 100% natural skin rejuvenation treatment capable of taking years off of a person’s appearance. Using the body’s own regenerative processes, the PRP facelift provides youthful smoothness and tightness similar to a facelift, but with none of the many risks or drawbacks of surgery.

In this article, the experts at BKC Regenerative Medicine in the Columbus, OH area answer some of the questions our patients frequently ask before undergoing their first “Vampire Facelift.”

What is a PRP Facelift?

The PRP facelift – or “Vampire facelift” – is performed by first extracting a small vial of blood from the patient’s arm, no different from a routine blood test. Then, using a centrifuge, the blood’s fluid plasma is separated out from the red and white blood cells.

This plasma contains platelets which are rich in high levels of the body’s “growth factors”. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the face, using either microneedling or a fine gauge syringe.

How does the PRP Facelift Rejuvenate Skin?

The smooth and plump appearance of young, healthy skin is caused by high levels of elastin and collagen. Since the body produces less and less of these vital elements over time, our skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and develop fine lines as we age.

But thanks to the PRP facelift’s remarkable healing properties, the so-called “Vampire facelift” is able to stimulate renewed production of the collagen and elastin needed to improve the overall tone and texture of the patient’s face.

Why is a PRP Facelift Called a “Vampire” facelift?

While the actual procedure is relatively painless, the superficial blood that remains on the skin during treatment can have a visually jarring effect. When photos of celebrities undergoing the procedure began to circulate on social media, the startlingly bloody (but in reality, painless) treatment quickly earned the monicker of “Vampire facelift.”

In reality, the PRP facelift is completely safe and infinitely less “scary” or invasive than social media might lead you to believe.

Is a PRP Facelift Painful?

While the PRP facelift is already relatively pain-free, at our Columbus, OH area practice, we take pride in providing our patients with the most painless experience possible. For this reason, patients have the option of having topical anesthetic applied to the treatment area at the beginning of their PRP facelift procedure.  

When will I see PRP Facelift Results?

For the next few weeks following the PRP facelift treatment, the injected growth factors will continue stimulating the production of collagen and elastin on a deep cellular level. As this process continues, our Columbus, OH area patients will start to observe their wrinkles and lines becoming softer, while the skin of their face becomes visibly thicker, firmer, and tighter.

Depending on the extent of the patient’s wrinkles and their desired level of rejuvenation, we may recommend more than one PRP facelift.

Is there Downtime after a PRP Facelift?

Since the PRP facelift has practically no recovery time, patients are typically able to resume their normal routine as soon as they leave our Columbus, OH area practice – many patients schedule their “Vampire facelift” during their lunchbreak and return to work.

PRP facelift patients may experience some slight swelling or redness of the skin in the treatment area, which tends to last no longer than 3 days. Additionally, patients should wait to apply makeup and/or sunscreen until 24 hours after their PRP facelift.

PRP “Vampire” Facelifts – Columbus, OH Area

The 100% natural PRP Facelift treatment is a safe and effective choice for virtually anyone interested in repairing the effects of aging, and restoring youthful tightness and tone to their face. PRP facial treatments can also reduce acne scarring, redness, dark spots, signs of sun damage and more.

If you live in the greater Columbus, OH area and would like to turn back the clock with smoother, tighter, younger skin, contact BKC Regenerative Medicine today to schedule a PRP Facelift.

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